A gang of at least eight officers identified as police men and a woman with the Akatsi Station of the Sogakope Police Command has allegedly deprived a journalist of his itel A32f smart phone model in an armed-violent thugee. The robbery incident occurred in the morning of Thursday, 28th March 2019 at Akatsi Abadzivorkope; about a hundred and a few metres from the Akatsi Police Station, on the Akatsi Secondary Technical (AKAST) road.


The victim, Wisdom Nii-Dza Ankunu, an Akatsi based freelance journalist, narrating the incident to press men, after the scene, said he was lingering the premises of the local Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry for the start of a weekly youth service when he was approached by a young man, in a Community Police Assistant (CPA) uniform without a name tag, demanding for his smart phone, a request he [Mr. Nii-Dza] objected to.


He further accounted that “…the same officer return shortly with two colleague CPAs and two other officers in police branded shirts, still ordering me to hand-over the phone to them. Before I could say jack, they began jabbing and slapping me…”


According to him, a  female officer [identified later as Lance Corporal Esther Ayertey] joined and sprayed pepper in his eyes in the course of the scuffle, resulting in the forceful seizure of the phone in contention, and the subsequent tearing of parts of his lacost t-shirt.


According to some eye witnesses, Lance Corporal Ayertey was again seen spraying poisonous pepper to scare away congregants who were escorting the victim to lodge an official complain of the incident at the Police Station.


“When we finally led him [Mr. Nii-Dza] to the Charge Office to report the incident, the District Commander was saying he [Nii-Dza], rather, was a criminal so he should be detained. It took me a long while to bail him before he was even given a medical form….” an eye witness complained.


When the District Commander, SP Samuel L. Lawson, was contacted on the detention of the victim, he denied the allegation, but the Station Officer of the Akatsi Police Station, Chief Inspector Paul Addu Dwumah who was cited for effecting the detention and hence granting bail to the victim, he launched an assault on the prey.


It took the intervention of the Akatsi District Crime Officer, ASP Joseph Nakoja, in condemning the conduct of the police officers in the case, so far.


Barely two weeks after the incident, the police are finding it too difficult to produce the robbed phone. The case docket is being transferred from CID to CID with rumors that the District Command is in plans to settle the case out of law court.


Checks by this reporter proved that impounding items has been a big deal of racketeering in the Akatsi Police Command. As such, the Station officer, Chief Inspector Paul Addu Dwumah, has faced series of cases at the Police Intelligence and Professionalism Standards Bureau, typical is over sales of impounded motor cycles belonging to one Akatsi indigene residing in Accra.


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