At least three people were in critical condition after sustaining severe injuries following a gas explosion that gutted the Trinity Oil Gas station at Krofrom in Kumasi yesterday

Several cars in and around the station were also burnt down to ashes, including the station, following the inferno, that also spread to a nearby car fitting shop.

Some residents, as well as fire personnel who were injured were also sent to nearby clinics for medical treatments.

Some residents who spoke to Today said they saw the gas leak, and alerted other residents to move out of their houses and stores.

“My mother alerted me that the gas was leaking. I called my sibling and we all ran out before the fire could start,” one resident recalled.


According to her, they could feel the heat behind them when they were running, “as the fire started, all the shops next to the station have been burnt down.”

An eye witness who also  spoke to journalists  said, early intervention from some residents and fire service personnel prevented the fire from spreading to a school next to the station and other residential facilities.


The Ashanti Regional Coordinator of National Disaster and Management Organisation (NADMO), Mr. Kwabena Nsenkyire also told Journalists that, “we deployed the service to Krofrom after we got a call at 7:50 am about an explosion,” .

He explained that the gas station shared a wall with a school and a church putting lots of life in danger.


“Why would the assembly let someone build a house or school close to a fuel station,” Mr. Nsenkyire quizzed when the Environmental Protection (EPA) revealed they could not close the station because it was there before many of the buildings.

“The EPA should explain their regulations for people to know what it entails to prevent others from putting up a fuel station in residential areas or residents putting up houses close to gas or fuel stations,” he stated.

He blamed the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) for for the incident


According to him, the lackadaisical attitude with which the assembly does its work is to be blamed for the explosion”.


Initial assessments from authorities revealed that the damage was not huge or life-threatening although some residents claimed that the fire got to their place.

Some residents pleaded with the government to implement laws to stop these situations from occurring

According to him the cause of the explosion at the premises of Trinity Gas station is yet to be established but it is believed it may be caused by a fire culminated from a refuse dump site opposite the gas filling station.


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