Contrary to the promise made by Bullet, CEO of RuffTown Records at Ebony’s one week funeral celebration that he was going to release her unreleased songs to keep up her legacy, the record label of the late songstress, Ebony Reigns has in a statement said they are no longer interested in releasing unreleased songs of the late singer.

Bullet, CEO of RuffTown Records

This comes on the heels of allegations by Nana Opoku Kwarteng, the late Ebony’s father over how the former was not being truthful to him with regards to matters concerning his daughter. Just recently in an interview, father of the 90s Bard Gyal, Nana Opoku Kwarteng accused Bullet of shortchanging him out of proceeds from the last concert organized before the demise of the late Ebony. He alleged that, Bullet gave him only ¢2,000 out of the money he got from tickets that were sold at the concert although he was showed a cheque of ¢39,999.

Bullet who responded with a Facebook post suggesting he was unperturbed by these allegations seems to have come to the end of his rope with Opoku Kwarteng’s allegations as his statement indicates he’s severed all ties with his former artiste.
Below is a copy of the statement as released by RuffTown Records


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