THE Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has allayed the fears of Tilapia sellers and patrons of this delicious fish following reports last week of suspected poisoning of tonnes of fish (Tilapia).  A video of the fish kill that accompanied the report went viral, sending chills down the spine of especially patrons of Tilapia across the country.

 WE are even tempted to believe that patrons who heard the news when it broke that some tonnes of Tilapia have allegedly been poisoned immediately suspended any connection they had with the fish as a precautionary measure.  Of course, that was to be expected, particularly when patrons had no means of verifying that some of the affected fish had gone onto the markets.

ALSO various food joints that use Tilapia to prepare some of their local delicacies were equally affected by the report.

 IT is, however, refreshing that in the wake of the anxiety, the EPA has come out to state that poisoning did not cause the Asutsuare Tilapia deaths.

THISToday believes, will set the minds of Tilapia patrons including sellers and consumers at ease. It is equally a good step to ask the affected company—Fujian Fish Farm, a Chinese firm based in Asutsuare in the Shai Osudoku District in the Greater Accra Region, to temporarily cease production.

TODAY finds such a directive not only critically but more importantly will offer related state agencies the space to do a proper investigation and know the cause of loads of fish kill.

IT is imperative that our state agencies connected to this matter do all they can to establish the cause of the Tilapia deaths now that poisoning has been completely ruled out.


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