A Ghanaian man in Canada has to endure the most unimaginable tragedy after losing his wife and 5 year old son in one swimming pool tragedy.

Emmanuel Akrong Snr lost his wife, Elizabeth and his son, Emmanuel after the both drowned in their pool.

The worst part is that the pool is not even filled and only contained a couple of feet of rainwater at the time of the incident.

According to Canadian publication The Star, Elizabeth Solomon, 38, was on the phone with her mother in Ghana Saturday night when she abruptly hung up after uttering the chilling words: “My son is dying.”

She had seen the boy in the pool and run to save him but unfortunately could not make it herself.

Emmanuel, the husband was also in the house having a nap when he received a call from his panicked mother-in-law who told him of the conversation she just had with his wife.

He said he began to fear something had happened and lo and behold he found both his wife and son in the pool.

He started screaming for help and some neighbours arrived, followed by paramedics but none of them could save the boy.

His wife was rushed to hospital but she died Sunday morning.

A distraught Emmanuel told the Star the pool was installed by the house’s previous owner and they had drained it after moving in since they didn’t want to use it.

He said the only water in it was some rain water which had gathered in and was about two feet deep at the deep end.

Speaking to the Star, he speculated his son must have been walking near the pool and fell in, forcing his wife to jump inside even though she can’t swim.

Emmanuel Akrong and Elizabeth Solomon migrated to Canada in 2011. Described as ‘sweethearts from a young age”, they had been dating for years in Ghana and got engaged before moving to Canada.

They got married a year after migrating.

Emmanuel worked as a director at a bank whilst his wife was a trained IT professional but wasn’t working at the time of her death.

So tragic. We wish the widower and his family our sincerest condolences.


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