Barely a month after the public furor over the “no bed syndrome” at 7 government  hospitals in Accra leading to the death of a 70 year old man, Prince Anthony Opoku-Acheampong in his car, the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital’s Surgical and Medical Emergency Unit is reportedly hit with this same syndrome.

Pictures available to ATV show that, the Surgical and Medical Emergency Unit is so full  such that patients are being treated in wheel chairs, on the floors of the hospital and even outside the surgical and Medical Emergency Unit due to the unavailability of beds.

Patients being treated in wheel chairs and on the floor of the Surgical Unit of KBTH – Photos by.. Benson Owusu , Facebook.

Just last May, after public pressure, the government through the Ministry of Information issued a press release indicating steps taken by the government to operationalize the University of Ghana Medical Centre which include the setting up of an “Interim Board whose task is to liaise with the Turnkey Contractor to test run the equipments and operationalise the facility with immediate effect”.

Press statement released by the Ministry Of Information in May 2018

For a country which has had a $217 million health facility not being operational more than two years after its commissioning, one can only conclude that the health of its citizens is not a priority to its leaders.



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