Contrary to accounts given to the Emile Short Commission on the Ayawaso West Waguon bye-election by the East Legon Police Commander, DSP George Asare, that he was sidelined from the security operations on the day, the Greater Accra Regional Commander, DCOP Adusei Sarpong, has disclosed that the former was not left out, but rather ignored orders.

“They were to perform general roles but in the case of the East Legon Commander, his name was submitted, and when your name is submitted, you are assigned a specific role to perform but when your name is not submitted, you perform a general task.”

He was to be deployed as a patrol officer, that is, officer to lead a patrol team. He didn’t report at the time I was leaving to the polling stations so he might have come after me or he didn’t come but at the time I was leaving he was not in to be deployed.

…I communicated to him on mobile phone, I sent him a message. The operation was done such that aside [from] the men at the polling stations, there were men at the electoral areas. There is another officer, the Accra Central District officer. I sent him a message at the same time, and he responded,” DCOP Aduse Sarpong revealed when he appeared before the commission yesterday.

According to him, it was names of personnel who were sent to the region by the airport division, for the bye-election duties and the East Legon commander’s name was captured.

He said, he [DSP George Asare] was the first on the list of East Legon personnel who were sent to the region for duties.

According to DCOP Adusei Sarpong, the message was followed by an order to submit his pick-up vehicle and that same message was sent to some others who they responded accordingly.

“He did not report for deployment but the car was submitted and so his account that I sidelined him is not accurate,” he said.

When asked by the commission if disciplinary measures had been taken against him, DCOP Adusei Sarpong said: “because he submitted the vehicle and he was asked to calm situation down which he did, I haven’t done anything.”

Responding to reports made by the East Legon Commander on how he calmed situations at the La Bawalashie polling station and later rushed to cast his vote, the DCOP said, he notified DSP Asare to calm the situation down but as to whether he did that, he was yet to know through an investigative committee set up by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), David Asante-Appeatu.

In his account, DCOP Adusei Sarpong again stated that DSP Asare told him he was taking his child to the hospital.

A member of the commission, Patrick Kwarteng Acheampong, as a result of the contradictory accounts tasked DCOP Adusei Sarpong to investigate DSP Asare on his activities on the day because he (DSP Asare) had earlier told the commission, after he had calmed situations down he rushed to cast his vote.


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