IN DISPUTABLY, one of the few surviving gospel groups who have consistently blaze the storm during the millennium era was Kumasi based duo group called Tongues of Fire.

Bearing the powerful and spiritual name to praise and worship the creator in His own likeness whiles spreading the good news through music the duo, Comfort Boahene and Harriet Banahene have succeeded in carving a niche for themselves as one of the best and successful gospel musicians in the country within this short period of existence.

Ever since they hit the scene with their unique brand they seems to be growing from strength to strength and with the release of their current single “King of Kings”, the sky is their limit.
The contents, progression, melodious intricacies and harmonic balancer makes one to listen and listen the powerful track again.

The two Comfort Boahene and Harriet Banahene together allow their silky voices takes dominion over the the song which they say is to eurogise the Creator as super natural being, who day by day grow from strength to strength and have no equals and should be celebrated, worship and glorify

This is the group we are talking about here Tongues of Fire, who came to the limelight some 21 years ago in 1998, with five solid albums under their sleeves including one selected different videos to their credit, are back aga in to take their rightful place at where they left off with this sensational, inspiring encouraging and motivational piece to glorify Him.

This is a group connoisseurs in the industry wants to recognize and identify with due to their exploits, perhaps, to proof that their short harbination was due to preparation for their next album hence this unique and scintillating banger call “King of Kings


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