A top gun of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Tony Aidoo has questioned the decision of the party’s Congress Committee to allow former President John Dramani  Mahama who is also contesting to lead the party for the 2020 polls to address Congress.

According to him, either all flag-bearer aspirants should have been allowed to speak or none should have been given the opportunity in order to ensure fairness.

“The flag-bearer race is something I don’t want to talk about. I think all the flag-bearer aspirants should have been given a chance to speak at the Congress and not Mahama alone. Better still, none of the flag-bearers should have been given the chance to mount the podium or get on stage,” Dr Tony Aidoo  who was  Ghana’s former Ambassador to The  Netherlands made these observations yesterday on Starr FM.

The NDC at the weekend held its 9th National Delegates Congress at the Fantasy Dome at the International Trade Fair Centre in Accra to elect its national executives to steer the affairs of the party towards 2020 elections and beyond.

The comment comes on the back of the concerns expressed by flag-bearer aspirant Sylvester Mensah over John Mahama campaign songs played at the congress.

The  congress  committee however  yesterday indicated that they will investigate the incident.

“During the whole period, you noticed that no such song was played because we had laid the rules. So we will investigate and know what happened and then we will know what to do,” a member of the committee Alex Segbefia said.


Meanwhile, Mr Mahama who spoke at the Congress advised members of NDC to gird their loins and work hard because “poor performance of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government will not guarantee them an automatic victory in the 2020 elections.

“Ghanaians are looking up to us. We cannot expect to win the 2020 elections by default of NPP’s poor performance in office. Our return to power must be based on a humble persuasive approach to Ghanaians that we are not only a better alternative but that we have learnt the lessons of our 2016 defeat.

“And that we are prepared to give them an even better service than we did in our previous term in office,” Mahama told delegates at the Congress.


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